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NTM-Lung Disease

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People living with a NTM-Lung Disease in the US

7 out of 10

patients have mucus associated with an NTM infection


ARINA·1 is poised to be a first-line therapy for improving airway hygiene by clearing mucus and decreasing inflammation in NTM-LD. ARINA-1 is positioned to be used prior to antibiotic initiation and during antibiotic therapy. 

Approximately 80,000 people in the US have non-tuberculosis mycobacteria (NTM) lung disease. NTM-LD is caused by pulmonary infections with Mycobacterial species other than tuberculosis, such as M. abscessus and M. avium complex. NTM-LD is characterized by excess mucus, chronic cough, and progressive lung damage. It is treated with cycles of long-term cycles of multiple antibiotics. However, there are limited treatment options for patients to clear mucus and improve their quality of life, especially immediately after diagnosis and between rounds of antibiotics. As NTM detection and prevalence increase and rates of antibiotic resistance increase, additional therapies are needed to improve the quality of life of patients and enable mucus clearance.

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Do you qualify?

Main Entry Criteria

  1. Two documented positive MAC cultures within the last 6 months

  2. No previous diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, HIV, or prior lung transplant

  3. Able to produce a sputum sample

  4. No use of inhaled antibiotics within the last four weeks

  5. No history of multi-antibiotic treatment lasting longer than 4 weeks within the last 6 months

Current Status

Phase 2 Clinical Trial

Safety and Efficacy of ARINA-1 in Early NTM-LD

Primary Endpoint:


Secondary Endpoints:

Quality of life, impact of ARINA·1 on bacterial growth, and systemic inflammatory markers


12 Weeks on Therapy


Trial Number:

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Patient Enrollment Status


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Other Target Indications for ARINA·1

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