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Chronic Bronchitis

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People living with Chronic Bronchitis with Moderate/Severe Mucus Symptoms in the US

Limited Treatment Options

Lack efficacy, especially for mucus and cough


ARINA-1 is poised to be a first-line therapy for improving airway hygiene by clearing mucus and decreasing inflammation in Chronic Bronchitis (CB). 

CB is most commonly caused by chronic bronchial inflammation that leads to excess mucus in the airway and scarring. CB is characterized by excess mucus, chronic cough, and progressive lung damage that can lead to decreased pulmonary function. CB primarily impacts people over the age of 40 and significantly impairs quality of life. Current treatments vary in efficacy and have a limited impact on quality of life.

Do you qualify?

Main Entry Criteria

  1. Diagnosis of chronic bronchitis 

  2. Have cough with productive mucus

  3. No systemic antibiotic, antiviral, or antifungal therapy < 28 days prior to the screening visit

  4. No smoking within the last six months

Current Status

Investigator Sponsored Clinical Trial

Safety and Efficacy of ARINA-1 in Chronic Bronchitis

Primary Endpoint:


Secondary Endpoints:

Quality of life, cough frequency, and the impact of ARINA-1 on mucus rheology and systemic inflammatory markers


28 days on therapy; 28 days off therapy

Principle Investigator:

Charlie Strange, MD at the Medical University of South Carolina

Patient Enrollment Status

Enrolling Now

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Other Target Indications for ARINA·1

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