Renovion is a ventured backed, clinical stage company with a Board of Directors that has deep expertise in early-stage pharmaceuticals, clinical operations, funding strategies and corporate governance. ARINA-1 has the potential to change the lives of many patients with limited therapeutic options. The Board is committed to maximizing this opportunity to benefit patients’ lives.

Dan Copeland
Chief Executive Officer

Dan was the founder and president of Emerge Life Sciences, a consulting company focused on new and emerging technologies in the life science space with significant work in translational medicine and devices over the last decade. Prior to this, he focused on commercialization of respiratory products for asthma and COPD with GSK.

Carolyn Durham, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

 Carolyn received a PhD in Mucosal Immunology from UAB and was a Howard Hughes Fellow in Translational Medicine. After a post-doc at UNC, she was the Scientific Advisor of Montague Capital, focusing on scientific strategy and collaboration. She has spearheaded the transition of ARINA-1 from 15 years of research to product commercialization.

Marilyn Thompson_accounting_2020_10-13.j
Marilyn Thompson

Marilyn has over 25 years of experience as a business development executive in the biotech, pharma, medical device, software and 3D scanning sectors. She has served as a Controller, Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer with oversight of Accounting, Finance and Administrative areas of business. She has extensive experience in new business and federal grant reporting and auditing. She has also served as a consultant to over 100 start-up companies.

Hal Craig_2020-09-28.jpg
Hal Craig
Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls
Strategy and Operations

Hal is the founder of Trout Creek Consulting, LLC, a strategy and life science supply chain consultancy focused on solving CMC, strategic and technical challenges. As an experienced operating executive with over 30 years in FDA-regulated industries, he has held multiple roles with responsibilities including global business units, supply chain, quality and regulatory, engineering and maintenance, capital projects, and commercial real estate. His expertise includes manufacturing, product / process development and strategic planning.

Matt Cowlen_2020-11-04.jpg
Matt Cowlen, PhD, DABT
Inhalational Toxicology Strategy and Operations

Matt is the founder of Cowlen Consulting, LLC. He is a board-certified toxicologist with a PhD in pharmacology and 24 years of drug development experience. He was the Director of Toxicology at Inspire Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Merck, 2011) with responsibility for nonclinical safety assessment, including the evaluation of an inhaled investigational drug for CF. As a consultant for over 9 years, Matt has designed / managed nonclinical safety assessment programs and authored relevant sections of US and international regulatory applications for inhaled, oral, ocular and parenteral therapeutics.